What Pablo Taught Me About My Sin

I recently finished watching the excellent Netflix series Narcos, which tells the story of the pursuit of the notorious Colombian drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar. It is a powerful reminder of the challenge of justice in the face of seemingly overwhelming and unstoppable evil, and the compromises that are often deemed necessary in the name of “good”.

Book Review: Counter Culture

Counter Culture: A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture in a World of Poverty, Same-Sex Marriage, Racism, Sex Slavery, Immigration, Abortion, Persecution, Orphans and Pornography by David Platt (Tyndale House Publishers, 2015)

On social issues, Christians have recently been on the defensive. In his recent book, David Platt makes the case for Christians to go on the offensive.

Reversing Our Priorities

God has a history of reversing our expectations and priorities. We often get caught up in our own wisdom and our own narrow thinking, so when confronted by God’s nature we’re shaken up and challenged profoundly. One of the most powerful ways God challenges us is with his concern for those in need.

Why Do We Sing?

Of all the things we do together as a church I think that from the perspective of an outsider, the strangest thing we do is to sing.

As We Wait Eagerly

In a time of instant gratification, we risk losing the discipline of patience. This is rarely more true than in our anticipation of the fulfilment of God’s promises. Yet patience and hope go hand in hand.

Flooding Rains

It has been an eventful beginning to 2011. In recent weeks have seen one disaster after another, affecting large parts of Australia. The sheer force of nature is both fearsome and awe-inspiring.

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